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About Us

Welcome to Byeolbooks, dear Traveler.

In the beginning, we were a French Candle Company called Voyage d’Antemps.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Mary and I am the creator of Byeolbooks.

Through a lot of hardship and studying, I realized this year that I needed to start fresh and let go of all the walls that were built around me, the ones I created, but also the ones that were forced upon me.

They were not reflecting my thoughts anymore and felt like they were depriving me of my joy and just added more stress to my life than helping me expand to reach my dreams.

After living abroad and expanding my knowledge, I realized people around me were also looking for more. What was once the societal norm, was left to only be a facade, people were not satisfied anymore by what society had to offer to them.

Byeolbooks started the day I realized I had not one book in my library that regrouped all the questions I was asking myself and helped me prepare my dream life in a way that was adapted to me.

I am the type of person who loves to ask myself questions and not like being told what I need to do.

As I always say, what we see is only a reflection of ourselves, which means someone’s advice is not always adapted to us, but more about what they think about us.

And this is what Unlock Your Potential, my first book is not about, it’s not about telling you what you need to do, it is about helping you find the right keys to the doors you always wanted to open.

May you join us in our travel to discover more about ourselves and our potential.