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Your dreams ? Your Resume ? Your skills ? A Planner ? What if all your informations where regrouped together at the same place so you don’t have to go through all your files constantly looking for an answer.

Unlock Your Potential – The Cottage Core version go through your dreams, your career, your bucket list and your goals to help you shape your future without any pressure.
Nothing is more reassuring than having a plan already written that you can look at whenever you need it.

Unlock Your Potential is for people just starting their life and who are not sure what the next steps are to achieve their goals.
It is also for people who have an idea of what they want to do and need somewhere to write it.
It is also for people who wish to change their path and need a place to summarize all they have already accomplished.
UYP is also for people who are not sure about the right career made for them and need help organizing their thoughts.

If you wish to unlock your potential and organize your next steps to achieve your dreams, Unlock Your Potential is the perfect book for you.
From the moment you start writing in Unlock Your Potential, it will become yours, a book filled with a part of your story.
This book is perfect for people who love to work on their self-care, self-development, career path and dreams.

Are you feeling lost in your life recently or know someone feeling like that ?
In need of answers about your path and where you belong ?
Are you or your closed-one feeling under pressure to succeed without even realizing how much you already know, how capable you are ?
Unlock Your Potential is perfect for you or for them, because it is more than a planner/agenda where you write your vision board and your manifestations. It is a book shaped to remember your dreams from when you were a kid, the peoples who have been inspiring you until now, the hobbies you always wanted to start but haven’t yet.

By helping you see how much potential you have, will you be able to shape your career however you want without fearing tomorrow.

Unlock Your Potential include questions to know more about yourself, monthly goals, a bucket list, pages for your short/mid/long-term goals, a resume of your education/career among others.
We also added skills trackers to make it more easy for you to track the development of your competences.

I am Mary, the author of this book and just like you, I was looking for a place to write my life, what I accomplished so far, and also what I wish to accomplish next. I believe that writing your dreams is the first step to realize them. And I hope through Unlock Your Potential, you will realize you are way more than what society made you seems to be.
You have so much potential, make good use of it.

Unlock Your Potential is available in:
– Pink Version
Cottage Core Version
– Classic Version


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